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Expatriation and Citizenship

Expatriation to USA and Europe

Investment Visas

•L-1: transfer of executives in multinational companies

•E-2: opening a business in the USA via bilateral Citizenship Treaties

•EB-5 (green card): investments in infrastructure in the USA (Green Card)


Investment visas

L-1: executive transfer in multinational companies (USA)

E-2: opening a business in the USA via bilateral Citizenship Treaties

EB-5 (green card): infrastructure investments in the USA (Green Card)

• D-2: for those who open a business in Portugal

• D-7: visa for retirees or those with passive income (Portugal)

Visas due to academic or professional training

•EB-1 (Green Card)

•EB-2 National Interest Waiver (Green Card)


Visas for academic or professional training

EB-1 (Green Card - USA)

EB-2 National Interest Waiver (Green Card)

​Visas based on job offer

•EB-2 Advanced Degree (Green Card)




Visas by job offer

EB-2: Advanced Degree (Green Card - USA)

•H-1B: Temporary visa for those who have a visa sponsoring employer (USA)

•O-1: visa for professionals with extraordinary skills and who have a sponsoring employer (USA)



American Citizenship

• American citizenship for those who have had a green card for 5 years or more


Italian Citizenship

Italian citizenship through residence in Italy

Italian citizenship through legal procedure against queues at the Consulate

Italian citizenship through judicial procedure, by maternal descent


Portuguese Citizenship

• Portuguese citizenship by descent

• Golden Visa

• Retiree visa/passive income 

• Entrepreneur visa

• Visa under employment contract 

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Spanish Citizenship

Spanish citizenship by descent or by residence

Golden Visa

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Financial Planning (cost of living and country transition cost)
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Health insurance

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